The Sea Star Base hosted the Disco on the Dock gala recently. It was a wonderful night that recaptured all the fun of the legendary nightclub Studio 54. The gala was in my honor and I was proud to see it was a completely sold out event.

There was dancing, diner, cocktails and a silent auction and we all had an absolute blast! People danced the night away with The Hustle being a dancefloor highlight for many.

It was so great to see so many clients, colleagues and friends in their 1970s finery. More than a few guests told me Disco on the Dock was one of the best parties they had been to in years. Many more welcomed the opportunity to share memories of their own times at Studio 54 and other fantastic Seventies clubs, parties and concerts.

Best of all the event raised $50,000 for the Sea Star Base’s youth, community and adaptive sailing programs. The adaptive sailing programs are especially noteworthy as they provide amazing opportunities for wounded veterans and other people with disabilities to learn to sail. This improves not only physical fitness but also self-confidence as it brings the joy of team work and achievement to those who participate.

Galveston is a great town and it always makes me proud to live here when I see the wonderful work of organizations such as the Sea Star Base who share our beautiful Island waterways with others to improve their lifestyle. As I always say – “Those of us lucky enough to live by the sea; are lucky enough!”

More Photos of A Great Night:

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