TGRE Offers Property Management & Development For Clients


Boutique Galveston real estate firm TGRE (Tom’s Galveston Real Estate) is now expanding its property management department and will be offering development services for clients.


Owner/Broker Tom Schwenk said the new services will meet a need in the community. “For many years clients have asked me to manage properties for them and/or help to develop their properties for sale. There is plenty of demand, but previously we’ve not had the right talent in place. TGRE is known for offering white gloves service to all clients and when I launched this offering, I wanted to make sure we could offer property management and development to this same high standard of service.”

With this in mind, he has hired Brian Schwenk to be Director of Property/Project Management for TGRE. “Brian comes to us from Austin where his project management experience includes working on large-scale residential developments, new office block constructions, hospitals and laboratories, and retail projects. He is an excellent project manager with great construction qualifications, and best of all he loves Galveston and can see a wonderful future for the city.”

Brian Schwenk has a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management and Environmental Sustainability from Philadelphia University. While in college he interned one summer with Galveston Historical Foundation. He started his project management career in 2016 at Vaughn Construction in Galveston and Houston on large scale commercial projects before moving to Austin, where he joined The Burt Group, and later Cumby Group, a real estate development firm with a focus on multi-family projects.

“The most recent project I worked on was a new construction, five story 146-unit luxury apartment building being constructed on a master-planned site near where the old Austin airport was located. It was a logistically complex job in a busy commercial corridor and involved working with many stakeholders, tradespeople, and subcontractors. My experience managing the complexity of larger projects has granted me the skills necessary to deliver high quality results for clients in this smaller scale setting. I know many property owners can be overwhelmed by property management and development projects, and I look forward to helping them meet their goals.”

Brian Schwenk said property management will be his first focus, but for the future he sees potential in helping owners restore or remodel their homes to have them ready to list and to help buyer’s complete renovation projects on their newly purchased homes. In the long-term he sees opportunities in Galveston to bring new construction projects to market as the county continues to attract new residents.

“One of the upsides of COVID is the opportunity for more professionals to work remotely, even permanently. Folks are realizing that they can live where they want to, not where they have to because of their jobs, and don’t have to deal with big city problems such as traffic and high costs of living. Galveston is so attractive as it has the advantages of a small town with the amenities of a big city. I don’t know any other city of 45,000 that has fine dining options, multiple art galleries, live theatre venues, an Opera house, and museums like Galveston.”

He said he is excited to work with existing and new clients of TGRE, as well as local tradespeople and contractors to offer high-quality property management and property development services to Galveston County.

On a personal level, he rehabilitated an 1886 raised cottage on 19th Street in Galveston that had foundation issues. “Folks love the visual impact of a remodel, but preservation and restoration are important for homeowners and buyers alike, especially on Galveston Island where we have so many historic properties, so they can still be around for another 100 years.”

Brian Schwenk was born in New York and has lived in many states in the US. He has studied internationally at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China where his focus was business and language, and in Zaragoza, Spain where he became fluent in Spanish. He has a Certificate in Construction Management from the Construction Management Association of America and is soon to be a licensed Real Estate agent in the state of Texas.

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