I got a real kick out of being a participant in this year’s Twelve Project. Each year 12 Island residents capture their view of life on Galveston Island using the same film camera, an Olympus Trip 35, with the choice of black and white or color film.

I chose black and white film and set about capturing images that I felt best represented the theme of “Hidden Galveston”. From my roll of 26 shots, the organizers selected one image for a silent auction and showing at the July Art Walk. My photo was of a cistern that has been converted to a shower. For me the image represented Hidden Galveston because it showed things are not always what they seem. It also demonstrated that by combining form and function you can transform a utilitarian item to become a more beautiful one. Finally, it represented the need for Islanders and visitors alike to conserve and preserve our natural resources and the wonderful buildings and architectural features of Galveston.

For the Twelve Project created in 2011 by Will Wright and Shannon Guillot-Wright, photography is used to highlight the diversity of people, sceneries, and architecture in cities, as well as our diverse viewpoints on life. Thanks and gratitude to both Will and Shannon for selecting me to participate in such a special project. Best of all proceeds from the Twelve fund provides financial assistance in arts and music for area youth.

For more information: https://www.twelvepeople.org/