Keaton Bates


Keaton was born on Galveston Island and grew up in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He returned to the Island in 2021 and is enjoying finding his place in the community.

An alumnus of Southern Methodist University Dallas, Keaton has a Bachelor of Science in sociology and psychology. His father is Patrick Bates a Ball High graduate who played in the NFL for the Raiders and the Falcons after being drafted at Texas A&M in 1993. Keaton had a full ride through university thanks to a football scholarship, His experience with the grueling demands of playing Division-1 football and intense academic responsibilities at Southern Methodist University has taught him about goal setting, hard work, time management and the ability to pivot in the face of adversity or disappointment.  

Keaton has worked in the hospitality industry and has experience of the financial industry. A qualified realtor who is the son of an African American father and Native American mother, he believes his experience of growing up in a minority household is an asset. He is passionate about helping minorities become financially literate and set themselves on a path to homeownership as a way of building generational wealth.

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