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Tom is a certified Seller Representative Specialist, which designates him as part of an elite group of trained seller advocates that understand the importance of your needs during the selling process. For more info, see “Why Hire Tom” and Toms customer reviews.

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Here are some really simple tips for selling your home, and making the process easier!

1. The Price is Right – work with your chosen Realtor (aka your “listing agent”) to price your home for the market. Your realtor will understand the specifics of pricing based on a dozens of factors. Trust the professionals on the issue and let your realtor decided what price is best for selling your current home.

2. Clean Out Storage Areas – Storage is a key value when it comes to choosing a home. Closets, shelves, and cabinets are all really important for home storage and you don’t want to have them cluttered. If they are half-empty, they will appear as though there is plenty of space.

3. Turn Up The Lights – Lighting can make a room look larger and make someone feel happier when they walk in. Make sure none of your rooms are dark. Open the drapes, turn on accent lighting or lamps and make your home more bright and cheerful.

4. Take Your Pets With You – If you are showing your home, you’ll need to keep it neat and tidy and you’ll most likely want to step out when potential buyers are viewing the home. Don’t forget to take your pets with you…not everyone is a pet lover. If you have an Open House, consider a pet hotel for the day.

5. First Impressions Count – no matter how beautiful the interior of your home, potential buyers have already made a judgement before they walk inside. Spruce up the exterior with inexpensive plants and flowers, add a coat of paint to the front door if needed, and clean any clutter off your front porch. Make the entryway appealing.

[content_container max_width=’500′ align=’left’] Tom is a certified Seller Representative Specialist!
Talk to Tom today in Galveston at 713-857-2309, or send a message for more information.[/content_container]