Why Tom Schwenk is an excellent real estate broker:

  • I am Part of a Global Network
    Coldwell Banker has more than 115 years of real estate leadership that I can utilize for the benefit of my clients. They have cutting edge tools and applications that help me to the best job for my clients.
  • I Focus on a Local Area
    Real estate markets are local. Local can be as large as a county or as small as a neighborhood. I understand the current trends for the island and for any competing listings. For me, local focus also means only servicing listings in my immediate area. It’s virtually impossible to be all knowing about all things real estate in a large geographical area, and MLS data also doesn’t present the whole picture. I pride myself in being able to prove to potential clients that I am more than just licensed to handle real estate transactions in an area, but I am also competent about the area. This first-hand local knowledge will help to prevent you from wasting your time and money.
  • I am Certified
    I am a certified Seller Representative Specialist which means I am able to uniquely promote your property to the widest range prospective purchasers.
  • I Use Industry Insight to Sell
    Advertising a listing is not enough these days. While advertising is important, coupling it with important statistics and trends (like job growth and employment) is a big key to a successful transaction. It’s also important to keep in mind that potential buyers are gathering information from the Internet which meaning they are influenced by a broad spectrum of of opinions and news on the market. For me, this means doing simple things like reading news and industry blogs to stay current.
  • I Leverage Lending Smarts
    Knowledge of today’s market and how to list effectively also includes knowledge of the most common mortgage options in your market. FHA, VA, and conventional mortgage products affect your listing. I am prepared to help you understand today’s lending realities early which can help facilitate a smoother transaction later.
  • I Know My My Job is About Exposure
    When it comes to listing marketing, the fact is the more exposure, the better. My job is to make sure your property gets the most possible exposure. As your listing agent, it only makes sense that my listings show up on as many websites as possible since almost 90% of prospective buyers start their home search online. Consumers want to find information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, confidentially, and with as much ease as possible. I want to make sure your home is found on as many different sites locally, regionally, and nationally as well as specialized sites so that it can be found by the greatest number of potential buyers.

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