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To buy, sell or lease Galveston talk to Tom Schwenk, owner and broker of Coldwell Banker TGRE. Tom is the number 1 agent for in-town sales and an award-winning realtor with more than 20 years’ experience. Now, a locally owned and operated Coldwell Banker ® affiliate, he has joined an international network with more than 115 years of real estate leadership. This means more experience, more knowledge, and more certainty of success while still offering the local expertise and five star service TGRE is known for. No local brokerage gives you more.

Alex Monteith, Brian Kuhn, Shane McDermott, Reid Nelson, Robert Zahn, Carole Bell, Brian Schwenk, Suzanne McClere, Jackie Steedly, Keaton Bates, John Schreiber, and Mickey Conrad Matthews are our very professional agents who share Tom’s commitment to customer service and knowledge and expertise of the local market.

Tom is passionate about Galveston and all the features that make it such a great place to live, work and play. After many years of working for other real estate brokerage firms he has launched Tom’s Galveston Real Estate to help people buy, sell and lease Galveston.

Tom says Tom’s Galveston Real Estate is a boutique real estate company that provides unparalleled customer service to both residential and commercial clients wanting to buy, sell and lease single family homes, condos, apartments, multi-family properties, commercial buildings and lots in Galveston.

“Galveston Association of REALTORS® statistics illustrate that I’m regularly the number one in-town agent, it shows that people come to me because they know no one works harder than I do for my clients and I provide exceptional customer service.”

Tom is also well known for his knowledge of the real estate industry and the strength of his relationships with lenders, title companies, property managers and contractors. In addition, for people wanting historic homes, Tom brings many years of expertise buying and selling historic homes in Galveston’s East End and Midtown neighborhoods.

In addition to an experienced group of real estate professionals, Tom’s Team also includes a full administrative staff on hand to care for every client’s needs.

Tom Schwenk Galveston Realtor

Tom Schwenk, Owner/Broker

An award-winning Broker, Tom is Galveston’s #1 agent for in-town sales. Tom is well known for his passionate support of Galveston, his expertise in historic homes and his efforts to protect and develop what makes island life so special.
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Brian Schwenk

Brian Schwenk, REALTOR®, Director of Property / Project Management

Brian obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management and Environmental Sustainability from Philadelphia University. While in college he interned one summer with Galveston Historical Foundation and his interest in historic homes became personal when he rehabilitated an 1886 raised cottage on Galveston’s 19th Street which was also his first foray into home ownership.
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Brian Kuhn, Galveston Real Estate

Brian Kuhn, REALTOR®

Brian loves living in Galveston and has been working with buyers and sellers in the area since 2011. While Brian enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for architectural detail and knowledge of market trends, his clients appreciate his responsiveness and knowledge of the transaction process.
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shane mcdermott realtor

Shane McDermott, REALTOR®

Shane has held a Texas real estate license for more than 14 years and has been a Galveston resident since 2003. Passionate about the Island, Shane specializes in selling Galveston’s West End waterfront and East End Historic District neighborhoods. Having renovated two historic homes on the Island’s East End he has in-depth knowledge of historic homes and their construction.
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Alex Monteith, Galveston Real Estate Agent

Alex Monteith, REALTOR®

A native Texan and a graduate of Galveston's Ball High School, Alex is also an insurance agent who can give you a clear understanding of coastal insurance as a buyer or seller. Alex can help you with new construction, historic homes, and vacation rentals.
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Reid Nelson - Galveston Real Estate

Reid Nelson, REALTOR®

Reid is a native Galvestonian who, after successful careers in law and insurance, returned to Galveston in 2017 to get back to his roots. His clients benefit from his legal and insurance expertise as well as his true love of this town.
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Robert Zahn REALTOR

Robert Zahn, REALTOR®

Robert has over fifteen years of working in the Historical Homes market of Galveston, which is the perfect background to help you find the right house easily and with minimal effort. He has have been active in the restoration of his own Victorian era houses, and was actively involved in laying the groundwork for the formation of the San Jacinto Historical Conservation District. Robert is immediate past Chair of the Galveston Association of Realtors, and has held numerous other leadership seats on local Committees and Boards.
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Carole Bell

Carole Bell, REALTOR®

After a fulfilling career in Finance, she retired but still wanted to do more. So began her second career in real estate - promoting all that Galveston and the areas have to offer. Carole has used her financial background in serving as Treasurer for several organizations. Customers are Carole’s main focus, and she strives to ensure that all parties are well-informed and have a clear understanding throughout all phases of the real estate process when buying or selling their home.
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Suzanne McClere

Suzanne McClere, REALTOR®

Suzanne's interest and passion for Real Estate began in the early 1990s, while she and her husband were beginning the search for their first home. Having lived on the island during her youth she fell in love with everything about Galveston, and says she is so excited to be coming home. As a licensed REALTOR® she looks forward to meeting you soon and helping you achieve your Island dreams. 

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Mickey Conrad Matthews

Mickey Matthews-Conrad, REALTOR®​

Mickey Matthews-Conrad was born and raised in Texas and is proud to be a 5th generation Texan. A very experienced realtor, she has worked in the industry for more than 30 years helping people to realize their real estate dreams. She is a member of the Houston Association of Realtors and the Southwest Louisiana Association of Realtors. Mickey is a graduate of the Real Estate Institute and holds a broker license in Louisiana.
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Jackie Steedly REALTOR

Jackie Steedly, REALTOR®

If there is one constant throughout Jackie's careers, it has been a desire to serve. It is this passion that drives her commitment to give back to her community and provide exemplary service to her students, customers, and clients.
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John Schreiber REALTOR

John M. Schreiber, REALTOR®

John M. Schreiber is a native Galvestonian who was born on the island (BOI). He retired with over 30 years with the Prudential Insurance Company, and is now an active REALTOR providing sales and service to the people of Galveston County
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Keaton Bates Realtor

Keaton Bates, REALTOR®

Keaton was born on Galveston Island and grew up in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He returned to the Island in 2021 and is enjoying finding his place in the community. Keaton is passionate about helping minorities on a path to homeownership as a way of building generational wealth. 

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Team Hadley-Sims

We are Team Hadley-Sims serving Galveston, and the surrounding areas. We are committed to going above and beyond for our clients whether they are buying or selling. Tee Jay comes to the real estate side after an extensive career in property management where he most recently served as a Regional Director. Kyle comes to the real estate side from mortgage, where he also serves as a Settlement Specialist.
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Shannon Caldwell

Shannon Caldwell, Marketing Director

Originally from New Zealand, Shannon is an award-winning public relations and marketing expert. She first came to Galveston in 2011 where one of the first people she met was Tom Schwenk, who was the leasing agent on the historic home she rented with her family.
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