There is a new bench to enjoy at Kempner Park in Galveston!

Galveston’s natural environment is one of the reasons I love to live here. I’m a founding Board Member of the Better Parks for Galveston organization whose mission is to support the City of Galveston’s Parks and Recreation Centers. 

One of the most recent projects has been to install a new park bench in Kempner Park. Above is the plaque for the bench recognizing my sponsorship as the Owner and Broker of Tom’s Galveston Real Estate.

There is nothing better than sitting on a park bench and watching the world go by and Kempner Park is a real jewel in the crown of Galveston’s public parks especially as it is home to the exceptional Garten Verein. If you are visiting the park make sure to look out for my park bench!

The City of Galveston has many great facilities including the following parks:

– Adoue Park

– Gus Allen Park

– Crockett Park

– Jones Park

– Kempner Park

– Lasker Park Community Pool (There is a tree in my honor planted here!)

– Lindale Park

– Menard Park (McGuire-Dent Recreation Center)

– Sandhill Crane Soccer Complex

– Schreiber Park

– Shield Park

– Wright Cuney Park (Wright Cuney Recreation Center)

For more you can visit the City Parks & Recreation Website:

Yippee Skippee!

– Tom Schwenk