Galveston’s newest boutique real estate agency is starting 2019 with a growth focus by hiring experienced realtor Shane McDermott to the team.

Broker Tom Schwenk said he was proud to welcome Shane McDermott to company’s team of professional realtors as McDermott has 14 years of real estate expertise. “I love the Galveston life-style and am passionate about our Island. I’m proud to welcome Shane McDermott to the team as I know he is a professional realtor with great listings, a fantastic customer-service ethic and most importantly he shares my passion for Galveston’s wonderful Island life-style.”

Shane McDermott says he is excited to join Galveston’s most dynamic boutique agency: “My approach is that I’m your Galveston neighbor. I’m a long-time realtor specializing in Galveston in-town residential neighborhoods and West End waterfront properties. If you are in the market to purchase a property on Galveston Island or have considered the possibility of selling, I would be pleased to work for you.”

Tom’s Galveston Real Estate had a fantastic first year in business with GAR records showing Tom Schwenk continues to be the most prolific in-town realtor for Galveston and he believes this record will continue with his boutique company. In addition to this superior transaction record, Tom’s Galveston Real Estate sponsored more than 50 local organizations and groups in 2018.